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Advertising is one of the most popular ways of promoting a product. If we delve deeper into the history of advertising, we will find that initial forms of advertising employed using individuals as the major source of information. They promoted their products to these individuals & used them as the primary mode of advertisement. These individuals then used to further advertise all such products. The chain of information, though, was not effective in spreading information to the larger demographic of individuals.

Restaurant Signs in Canvey Island

The advent of mass media, especially newspapers, changed the concept of advertising. Companies started publishing advertisements in the newspapers & saw a massive enhance in their profits. Television advertisement further boosted their advertising revenues and practices. It was, however, the introduction of advertising signage that changed the dynamics of this industry. Our best restaurant signage can be placed anywhere, such as road intersections, buildings & markets.

Initially, most of the restaurants went for Neon advertising signage. Technology use was limited at that time & people were more interested in using bright & shining neon signs to attract the attention of individuals. Contemporary advertising signages employ several techniques & innovations to attract customers. Some of these are mentioned below –

Animated signage

This type of advertising employs the use of computer technology to create animations. They feed these animations to microchips & install them on advertising signage. The animation might or may not relate to the product but the message directly points to the promotion of the targeted advertising item. The popularity of animated movies has fuelled the production of signage. There are two ways of displaying animated signage. The most popular technique is the installation of display screens in main shopping malls. All such animated ads continuously play & catch the attention of shoppers. Advertisers also employ the technique of attaching microchips & transmission systems to huge advertising hoardings & billboards. All such billboards then display animated advertisements. This approach attracts a larger number of audiences as compared to all such present in the shopping mall.

Content-based signage

Another popular trend in advertising signage is the usage of promotional content in an attractive form. Slogans, riddles & quizzes are displayed on the display screens at main intersections & shopping malls. They also use modern laser technology to pinpoint specific content. In several cases, more than one signage is used for the purpose. The bigger one displays a riddle while the shorter one carries the answers or the actual advertisement of your dishes.

Digital Signage

Another innovation in advertising technology, the digital signage display movies & advertisement films on LCD & Plasma displays. This kind of ad signage is used in shopping malls, hotels, casinos & tourist resorts. Digital signage is cheaper as compared to the animated ad and we can simply display the video advertisements as are shown on TV. The only expenditure incurred is on installing all such LCD screens & Plasma displays. With the number of vacant retail spaces around the country seemingly multiplying overnight, retailers who survive & even thrive during the period of high unemployment & sluggish sales will be those who surpass competition on several fronts. When it comes to convenience, there might be no better way to boost the experience of shoppers at the brick-and-mortar stores than the addition of interactive digital signage in form of self-serve kiosks.