Print Company Colchester

Get the Service of Printing for Different Types of Banners at Best Prices

Essex Printing and Signs is a company, which provides various types of printouts to its clients. The clients are happy with this Print Company Colchester. The clients can contact the company for illuminated and non-illuminated signs, large format printing, mesh banners, vinyl stickers, and many other types of printouts. Here we will discuss various types of services provided by the company.

  • Large format printing

This type of printing helps to create an advertisement that will surely grab the attention of the audience. Print Company in Colchester provides the service of large format printing at reasonable cost and companies can contact the company as per their budget and requirement.

  • Mesh banner printing

Outdoor signage grabs the attention of the public and mesh banners have been designed for the purpose. The banners can be used in the form of car wraps and building wraps. Advertising with this type of banner can e did for a specific brand. There are many benefits of using this banner, which is listed here.

  • The banners are resistant to water and other types of environmental conditions.
  • The banners are light in weight and there is no need to punch them to make a hole.
  • The banners cannot be torn easily and that is the reason that they have a long life.
  • The banners do not catch fire easily.
  • Illuminated signs

Illuminated signs include text in which lightning and illumination are required. The following are the offerings given by the company.

  • LED digital displays come with a printed background, which helps to attract the people towards the sign. There is a centralized network that controls and adjusts the brightness of the text.
  • Illuminates sign is a signboard having the essential details of the client. The light effects on the signboard are given to attract the public.
  • Essex also designs cabinet signs in which creative display is given to logo and messages. The creative display is given with the help of bright and colorful lighting.
  • 3D Build up letters

The 3D letters can be created easily with the help of the latest technology used by Essex. Various types of letters are used and the client has the option of choosing the one that is best for his advertisement. These letters are as follows.

  • Flat cut out plastic letters
  • Metal letters
  • 3D moulded signs
  • Acrylic letters
  • Aluminium letters
  • Brass letters
  • Bronze letters