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Light Box Backlit Printing Essex: Glossy and matte finish with custom made designs!

A backlit film is a very thin type, plastic material which is suitable for displays and boards that are visible during the day as well as during the night. These backlit films are very suitable for the light boxes which insert the backlit prints in the acrylic sheets. Taking advantage of the lightbox, backlit printing, Essex can lead to the creation of some encouraging, spectacular and brilliant signs. Undoubtedly, backlit printing is very cost effective for any kind of business

Material GBP/sq.m. When order less then 10 sq.m GBP/sq.m. When order between then 11-100 sq.m GBP/sq.m. When order more then 100 sq.m
Backlit Poster
£30.00 £23.00 £17.00


Do you require the best backlit graphics or genuine backlit displays? You no longer need to worry as we at Essex, provide you with a number of different backlit printing options in the light boxes. By using our exclusive services, you can comfortably print on the backlit film. Our team of professionals can lend you some of the most innovating ideas of the signs for your business. Our printing services include innumerable backlit designs. We also have so many choices and options that range from great materials to excellent finish that best serves the customer’s needs and requirements. Our department of experts specialise in printing a large number of customer-centric prints and also deliver absolutely stunning backlit printing results every time. We also offer the opportunity to supply backlit printing in custom sizes that are created according to the customer’s needs and preferences. We take care of the quantity and application of the print processes and deliver superior quality to our customers.

The common businesses that use the lightbox backlit printing are big department stores, nail bars, beauty and salon parlours, and airports. You might be able to find backlit printed advertisements on the bus stops as well. The common usage of backlit printing tells that how common and effective is the signage of backlit. It can be highly beneficial for many business houses. There are wide ranging choices related to the printing options on the backlit film, with the both UK ink (used for outdoors) and dye inks (used for indoor).

Irrespective of whether you decide on a print on the backlit film traditionally or digitally, the Essex team is always ready and on its toes to assist you with your setup, installation as well as the printing needs in the most friendly, professional and superior manner. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us at