Foamex Printing in Essex

Foamex Board Printing Provided in Full Colour at Essex!

Why should you use Foamex for board printing?

Foamex is an extremely cost effective and quality board which is known for its durability and rigidity, which is perfect for the outdoor usage including lamp post signage, estate agent sign, site boards and many other signs. Foamex printing provides one of the best middle road signage board choices, being an inexpensive alternative to other printing options and offers much more durability than the correx.

Material GBP/sq.m. When order less then 10 sq.m GBP/sq.m. When order between then 11-100 sq.m GBP/sq.m. When order more then 100 sq.m
PVC Foam 3mm + vinyl+mounting £45.00 £40.00 £30.00
PVC Foam 5mm + vinyl+mounting £50.00 £45.00 £40.00

Essex is the ideal solution to design as well as print your hoardings and Foamex board printing. All the Foamex boards and signs are printed at a very high quality and standard at Essex and you can have any image printed on it. We print by using waterproof inks. Our highly qualified and experienced design team specialises in creating powerful, high impact and vibrant Foamex boards for all types of large format boards, signs and hoardings. Our exclusive prints on Foamex attract greater attention from the visitors and make a great impact on the prospective customers. We at Essex know that a Foamex board printing is a powerful and creative option to create and maintain your brand identity. With the help of our vibrant and distinctive printed designs on Foamex boards, you can effectively highlight any of the important message, product, service or promotions that you want to do. We at Essex specialise in designing and creating visuals for the Foamex board printing that uses minimum letters and words so that your customers can easily grasp the message that you intend o convey to them. We help in making your message crisp, short and simple, so that it gets visible even from a long distance. We make the text highly attractive, visible by boosting the font to increase the effectiveness of the Foamex board printing Essex.

Our printed Foamex hoardings and boards can be effectively used for both the short term and long term purpose and are very cost effective at the same time. They can also be placed on the ports, malls, station platforms, construction sites, road sides and other such public places or strategic locations in London. There is no doubt about it that the benefits of the Foamex board prints are unlimited as they can be used for creating brand awareness, product exposure as well as frequent highlighting of the message. In case of any queries, feel free to contact us at